so beautiful…

Danish singer Aura Dione with „I will love you Monday“ – and her walking shoes.

Aura – I will love you Monday from Egmont Mayer on Vimeo.

Egmont Mayer says:

I created the Shoes for this Music Video by Danisch singer Aura Dione

Animation: Justyna Krzyzaniak
Modeling: Tanja Krampfert
Composing: Toon van den Broek, Chrsitina Agapitou

Directed By Uwe Flade
Produced by Music for Dreams
Animation by Shape Minds and Moving Images

written by aura guitars, pedal steel_gustaff ljunggren
mouth organ_jonas krag
arranged by kenneth bager and per ebdrup bass and programming by per ebdrup drums and drum programming by thomas barfod

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