early black and white
early black and white

I took this picture 1986. I can’t remember the name of the model, I didn’t know her, she heard that I was taking photographs. When I look at it now I’m amazed how she anticipated this Amy-Whinehouse-look. (Which of course is „retro“ by itself)

My camera was an all-manual Minolta 35 mm SLR. I shot on Ilford ISO 50 to get the best resolution. I developed the film myself and did the prints. I was young and I was ambitious. I had absolutely no clue what I tried to achieve. I even printed on baryte papers and miracuosly succeeded, despite the shitty and rotten darkroom which belonged to my old school and was abandoned years ago.

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  1. …are we dead, alive or just digital?
    Sometimes I miss the smell of those chemicals in the darkroom, did it for some years, now the equipment is covered with dust.
    And there is no choice of different films and papers anymore.
    It was alchemy.
    Best wishes

  2. wolfram Autor

    My dear! Do you remember this girl? She was one of those women who appeared out of nowhere in our flat and vanished as they came… But I guess these pictures were taken after you moved to Munich.

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