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Eine Nacht auf der Bonner Hütte

Alfred Stoll ist ein bescheidener Mensch. Er ist ein hervorragender Schreiner. Er ist stolz auf seine Arbeit und die Leistung seiner Freunde. Grüß Gott Alfred und Danke für die Gastfreundschaft! Alte Bonner Hütte im Almverzeichnis Alte Bonner Hütte in der Wikipedia Am Morgen geht man dann auf das Pfannhorn und genießt den Ausblick. Besser wird's nicht. [...]


When I was found by this very nice video by Aura Dione I remembered that I wanted to feature another brillant movie from the Vimeo site. It's called "Bathtub IV" by Keith Loutit. I have to restrain myself from visiting vimeo, there are so many extraordinary creative clips to be found, I would never be able to finish any of my jobs... Bathtub IV from Keith Loutit on Vimeo. [...]

11,500 feet

The Innsbruck air traffic controller seemed to be a sort of funny bone: "Bye D-5707, you're cleared for course west, altitude 11,500 ft and below". As it happens I have a sort of calculating disability concerning Imperial Units. Only after I switched the flight computer I found out what this meant... Check the picture: altitude 10,000 ft and there wasn't a lot of head room anymore - definitely not another 1,500 ft. [...]